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Feb.24, 2013 Join The Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski on the Compound/ Catherine Trails in Riding Mountain National Park.

Call Di  204-571-0477.

​GREY OWL SKI - Riding Mountain National Park  Sunday 24 February

Di and Scotty, Clarence, Judy and Mary set off for the park on a balmy sunday morning.  Which wax to use was the biggest dilema of the day!  It was a little slippy and then a little sticky in places - but then some fantastic glide!  Clarence, Di and Scotty left Judy and Mary at the warming cabin - to continue on to Grey Owl cabin.  It became increasingly more sticky then slippery - before we ended up breaking trail through snow drifts!  Our first wildlife of the day was a mouse crossing the trail.  Unfortunately, we were on a downward slope where Scotty stopped abruptly!  Di, unable to stop, first crashed into Scotty - who abandoned the mouse - which was then run over by Di.  I was later reminded that there was a 'no kill' policy in the park....I promise you, it was self defense!  We arrived at the cabin.  Our second wildlife of the day, was a dead racoon on the door step of the cabin.  There was no point trying to move it - it was stuck fast!  Scotty spent the entire time there absolutely demented, as I had tied him to a tree some distance away from it, and his leash just wasn't long enough to get to that racoon!  On our way out, we met quite a few skiers.  The trail seemed much better having had some skiers on it - and we had some fantastic glides.  One glide was interupted by some skiers who just refused to leave the tracks - even though we were on the downhill stretch.  Di ended up bailing into a snow bank - and she was still struggling to her feet while they passed us by!  We evenually caught up with Judy who had skied back to the parking lot with Mary - and was on her way back to meet us.  We all met up in the parking lot to share our stories.  Mary had found the mouse - and burried it for me - thank you!  We then enjoyed a hot coffee at The Friends of Riding Mountain.  I have a feeling there aren't too many ski days left - so get out there and enjoy!   Di Ingram

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