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The rain stopped just before we arrived at the Reeve’s Ravine Trail Head. We headed off on the trail with the goal of a leisurely lunch on the side of Bald Hill. On the trail were James, and 5 women; Olwen, Shannon, Judy, Di and Barb. About ½ hour into the hike the sky cleared and sun was peeking through the heavy foliage. Lower branches were still hanging on to the moisture of the rains that had just passed. We took the route along the South ridge of Reeve’s Ravine on the way in to Bald Hill. The air was filled with the sounds of birds which always seem to be so active after the rain has passed. We did arrive at Bald Hill for a noon hour lunch. The wind on the top of the hill was quite extreme, but certainly cooling after the hike up to the hill. After lunch and some relaxation we packed up for the return hike. Our return trip was the gradual downhill hike along Bald Hill Trail to the junction of J.E.T. Trail, then South East past the Reeve’s Fork and back to the trail head. 13.5km hiked at an average speed of 4km/hr.

Before heading back to Minnedosa and Brandon a stop was made at the Gorge Creek picnic area for cold Raddlers and nuts.

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