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Feb.23, 2013. Join The Westman Wilderness Club for a snowshoe on The Turtle’s Back near Lake William.

Call Clarence 204-523-0369.

What a gorgeous day to snowshoe the Turtles Back!  Saturday morning a fine looking group of wilderness club members and potential members met at the boat launch at Lake William. The sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant and the enthusiasm high as we set out across the lake. We went up the 2.2 km trail which had seen some snowmobile traffic so the hike to the top was easy going. We spent about an hour at the top enjoying lunch, good conversation and the always pleasant view. Heading down we took the 3.2 km trail which had not seen as much traffic so some trail breaking was required. Because the warm temperature was making the snow heavier it also made trail blazing a little more strenuous but worth it. Afterwards some of us met in Boissevain for coffee and then home.

Thanks to Di Ingram, Scotty Doggie, Mary Snider, Scott Blyth, Colin Blyth, and William Savoy for joining me for a wonderful day!

Clarence Sawatzky

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