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Sprucewoods ski - January 23

As snow mobiles had ruined both the Yellow Quill trails and the Epinette trail - I decided that the Seton trails would be our best bet.  Driving to the trail head, I registered -1 to +4 C....what were we in for?  Fred and Jackie, Judy, Janine and my-self (plus our 3 canine friends) decided to find out!  In fact, it really wasn't as bad as I had thought.  Judy actually reported her best waxing day so far this season!  I've never skied in the rain - but I guess there's a first for everything.  We were then pelted by ice pellets, then some sleet, and then a little snow!  We managed 10 km, with a pit stop half way through for hot chocolate and cookies.  As we were leaving, a large group of adults and kids arrived for some tobogganing.  I'm hopping the ski trail is still in tact....
Thanks to everyone who make it an enjoyable afternoon.  


Di Ingram

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