July 1

City bike ride with stop at Crow’s General Store

Sue and Rick Palmer

Email:  sue.obm.palmer@gmail.com

Call or text: (204)724-5380

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July 9

RMNP hike

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136

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July 10

Bike ride around Clear Lake

Robert and Audrey

Phone:  Robert: (204) 759-2412  

               Audrey:  (204) 859-0370

Email: shwalukr@hotmail.com

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July 16

We would like to invite you to a water hike up Snake creek in Big Valley on Saturday, July 16, 2022. We will meet on Mountain Road at 1:30 and then everyone is welcome to come back to our cabin at Kerr’s lake for appetizers and a potluck supper. Snake Creek is about one and 1/4 hours from Brandon. Drive north on number 10 for about 45 minutes and then turn east on Mountain Road (which is on the south side of Erickson.). You go 31.7 km down Mountain Road and you will see us waiting there for you before we go north to snake Creek in Big Valley. Be sure and wear either water shoes or running shoes you don’t mind getting wet. BYOB. Hope to see you there! If interested contact Kelly and Michele at 204-727-5612 or text 204-573-6405. We will be at our cabin after July 8th. That number is 204-966-7789.

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July 23

Bike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136

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July 30-Aug 1

2 night backpack in Sprucewoods

Di:  Call or text: (204) 761-6698

Email:  di.ingram@hotmail.com

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Aug 6

Hike Kinosao Trail, Kayak and picnic at Lake Katherine

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136

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Aug 13-14

Join Bert and Judy for a hike and camp in Spruce Woods Provincial Park Saturday, August 13 to Sunday, August 14.

Departure time will be somewhat dependent on weather. 

Please contact Judy:  204-720-7892  or email judy.bartel@gmail.com by Wednesday night so that I can arrange for a back country pass.

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Aug 20

Due to the less than stellar forecast, the Lake Kinosao hike and Lake Katherine Picnic & Paddle will be moved from August 6th to August 20th.

Please call or text Kari (204-761-0136).

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Aug 23

Turtle Mountain PP bike ride.

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Aug 26

On Friday, August 26th, join us for a paddle in Riding Mountain National Park. All watercraft must go through inspection and receive a permit before going in the water.

Call/text Kari at (204) 761-0136 for more information and to confirm your attendance.

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Sep 3

On Saturday, September 3rd, join us for hike on the newly reopened North Shore trail between Spruces and Glen Beag/Wishing Well in Riding Mountain National Park. Distance is around 8km one way. Hike will begin at Spruces and end at the picturesque Wishing Well. We will leave a vehicle at the Wishing Well parking lot so we can carpool back to Spruces once we finish the hike. Level of difficulty is easy to moderate.

Call/text Kari at (204) 761-0136 for more information and to confirm your attendance.

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Sept 10

Kayak/Canoe from Hwy 1 (between Rivers and Kemnay Turnoffs) to Brandon


Dennis:  call/text:204-922-4920

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Sept 23 to 25

Backcountry bicycle ride/camp in RMNP

Clarke:  text/call 204 232 9230

Email: wc-wilkie@shaw.ca

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Oct 1

Gorge Creek hike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136

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Oct 8

On Saturday, October 8, we will hike Grey Owl Trail hike in RMNP. Distance: 15 km. 

Call or text Kari at (204) 761-0136 if you would like to attend. 

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Oct 15

On Saturday October 15th join James for a hike from South Camp to Middle Camp at Souris River Bend. Contact James at jb2@mts.net to confirm attendance and to get departure details.


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Oct 16 am

Hike some trails in the southeast corner of Brandon Hills. I thought that I had hiked all 44 named trails at Brandon Hills, then I find a map with 2 trails I haven’t been on yet. This will be about a 6km loop hike of moderate difficulty and will include Death Valley Trail and Pothead's Graveyard Trail. Trailhead will be at the SE Gun Club road with a 10am start.

The hike will be finished in plenty of time to make it to the WWC planning meeting at 2pm.

Contact James at jb2@mts.net if you would like to attend, and details will be provided.

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