July 1

City bike ride with stop at Crow’s General Store

Sue and Rick Palmer

Email:  sue.obm.palmer@gmail.com

Call or text: (204)724-5380


July 9

RMNP hike

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


July 10

Bike ride around Clear Lake

Robert and Audrey

Phone:  Robert: (204) 759-2412  

               Audrey:  (204) 859-0370

Email: shwalukr@hotmail.com


July 23

Hike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


July 17-29

Bike or hike in Turtle Mountains (exact date tba)

Brian:  call/text:  (204) 441-7933

Email:  bnogilvi@mymts.net


July 30-Aug 1

2 night backpack in RMNP

Di:  Call or text: (204) 761-6698

Email:  di.ingram@hotmail.com



Aug 6

Hike Kinosao Trail, Kayak and picnic at Lake Katherine

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


Aug 13-14

Hike/bike on Central Trail, camp at Whitewater Lake

Judy: phone or text 204-720-7892

Email judy.bartel@gmail.com



Sep 10

Brandon Hills Hike

Arron:  phone or text (204)761-5924 or email clarke.arron@gmail.com 


Sept 17

Kayak/Canoe from Hwy 1 (between Rivers and Kemnay Turnoffs) to Brandon


Dennis:  call/text:204-922-4920?


Sept 23 to 25

Backcountry bicycle ride/camp in RMNP

Clarke:  text/call 204 232 9230

Email: wc-wilkie@shaw.ca


Oct 1

Gorge Creek hike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


Oct or Nov

Hike to Cairns Cabin in RMNP (Ochre River Trail).  This is tentative, dependent on whether RMNP opens the trail and the cabin.

Di:  Call or text: (204) 761-6698