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Jan.11, 2014 Westman Wilderness Club day ski and snowshoe on the Langford Trails near Neepawa

Di & Scottie, Jackie, Fred and Dover all arrived at the Neepawa-Langford snowshoe/ski trail system located 7km east of Neepawa along PTH 16 around 11 am.
We donned our snowshoes and had an absolutely fabulous 2 hr tromp covering most of the 8km or so of neatly looped system of snowshoe trails on offer.
The terrain was more varied than I imagined with some rolling terrain.
Temps were in the -7ish(?) celsius range with mostly overcast skies which occasionally revealed some beautifully contrasting blue sky above and the westerly breeze wasn't an issue amongst the trees.
Robert and Jill arrived around 1 pm and promptly commenced skiing by the time we swapped our shoes for skis. We did eventually rendezvous with Robert on the ski trails.
Here too as in RMNP, the groomers know their business and it was a real treat to ski the 10km looped system of ski trails. Some sections are double tracked and there's even 2.5km of corduroy for skate skiing. One of the loops passes through an extensive stand of aspen and the effect these trees create was quite striking. Definitely worth the drive!
The trails are maintained by the Neepawa and Area Cross Country Ski Club and they do a good job of it!
Thanks to all who came out.
submitted by Fred 

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