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Jan 6 ,2013 Join  The Westman Wilderness Club for a snowshoe just off Highway 10 at Mountain Road. Suitable for both  beginners and others.

Call Grace 204-636-2564

those attending the snowshoe event.....Maria,Eldon,Olwen,James,Linda,Bruce,Jackie,Fred, Dover,Marvin,Grace.......(pictures to follow compliments of those who had their camera with them on the trail)

Eldon lead a group xc skiing about 20 mins north of us ( the Compund trail in Riding Mountain National Park) in the a.m, then arrived at our place in time for a snowhoe around the pond. We were joined by the others at our place and gathered in the kitchen for some nourishment and a chat while we waited for all to arrive for the start time of 2 o'clock.
It was a leisurely start as we got Maria(our exchange student from Brazil)fit with snowshoes for her first time. The cameras came out as we started the trail that went past the 3 horses and some old sheds and lead us past some very pretty hoar frost covered trees. We didn't see wildlife, but there was evidence of plenty of wildlife in the area, a beaver dam and an old bear den. Also, Marvin pointed out a knoll where a pioneer family lived for awhile.
We arrived back to the house and enjoyed some hot chocolate, goodies, and more conversation before the folks headed home with plans of attending another wwc event soon.


Event photos here.

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