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James Lake overnight ski January 25,26,27 2013

Thanks to Di for leading this event:

Di went to the cabin on Friday the 25th with only her dog Scotty, for some solitude. Apparently she had several visitors throughout that time much to her surprise and delight. There was some activity during the night as well, the candles will actually fall from the holder, from the heat of the stove, and make a bang in the night. Most people would have arose to investigate but Di is a trooper, she and Scotty just went back to sleep!

Saturday Eldon and Wayne were met in the parking lot by DI and of course Scotty. We had a absolutely great ski into the cabin even with our packs filled with consumables for the evening. Eldon was unaware that Di had found out it was his fifty something birthday on Saturday, so the cabin was decorated with a Happy Birthday  stuck to the cabin window. A visitor from Di's work, Brian arrived shortly there after and we had a good chat before skiing part way back out with Brian. We played some crib and a dice game for a bit ( but the way Di is pretty lucky on the dice, even with one Di ). Jackie and Fred and dog, Dover arrived late afternoon. We all had supper by candle light while waiting for the full moon to completely rise. Once the moon crested the trees we set out for a moonlit ski ( I don't have many firsts left but this was one of 'em) A marvel experience to say the least although we did encounter a mishap on the trail, but Jackie nose about that, so you will have to ask her ? Things that make you say Hmmmmmmmm!
Di also packed a Birthday Carrot cake  with a candle that played Happy Birthday until Eldon blew it out.
We skied several kilometers over the two days with perfect conditions. Wildlife  signs were minimal, Eldon spotted an a few birds nest and I should mention the hardened bat that must have gotten caught many months ago in the decorative snow shoes attached to the outside of the cabin. Its mouth was open allowing full view of his teeth, erie!
Met up with a group of 30 from Charleswood Ski Club. They were in the area for the weekend staying at the Red Coat Inn Boissevain.
A joy of a weekend and I would recommend it to anyone!

Wayne Schmitz

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