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Aug 9/14 Katherine Lake hike


At 10 we gathered a Roger & Cheryl's.  The kayaks, canoes, paddle board and other water paraphernalia were secured to the trailer for Cheryl to transport to the lake. Roger, James, Brenda, Di and Scottie applied the bug repellant and set out for Katherine Lake with perfect weather. Even though much of the hike was in tall grass there was not a single tick to be seen. We arrived at the lake to be met by Cheryl, Alf and Janice. Cheryl had the fire started and ready for the roasting of tube steaks. We decided that some water sports were in order before dining. A paddle around Katherine Lake in a finely handcrafted canoe was rewarded with the sounds of several loons with their young. Fred, Jackie, Dover and Keifer had joined us by this time. Various modes of water transport were tried by all who were interested. Visiting and a lunch consisting of hot dogs, salad and a variety of other great items were then enjoyed. After more water sports the water craft were loaded and secured for the return trip. The hikers were joined for part of the return hike by Fred, Jackie and their FLFs. Having taken a different return route, we did encounter some wet areas, but no booters. We arrived back at the cottage to enjoy a cool one before hitting the road for home or camping. No rain until 5 minutes after heading home, so it was a perfect day for a great event. 



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