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March 17, 2013 Day Ski.

Westman Wilderness Club invite you to a day ski on location still to be decided. Call Fred or Jackie at 204-728-7685. Seeing it is St. Patricks day, hopefully  green wax will be the wax of the day.

Fred, Jackie, Gillian and Dover decided to stay close to home and did a 1.5 hr snowshoe in the Brandon Hills.

Gillian is a newly minted member and we had her breaking trail all the way.
Thanks for joining the WWC Gillian.
All kidding aside, the snow conditions were awesome, mostly fresh powder on our travels.
The wind had that mid winter 'bite' to it though. WC, -25'ish.
Only 2 other vehicles noted in the Hills parking lot. Sorry, no pics.
Stopped in @ Forbidden Favors for an apres shoe coffee.

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