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April 4,2015 Brandon Hills hike


With Di away, Scotty was in charge of Judy's excercise program and he decided that a wilderness excursion was in order (although those walks around town do yield some exciting scents, he felt that something more intense was needed), So on, April 4, Bert, Judy, Jacquie, Fred, Josh (Jacquie's nephew) and "the boys" set off for a hike in the Brandon Hills.  With Fred leading the way, we were able to leave the main  trail and explore the lesser known and more interesting side trails through the park.  The fresh snow made the steeper hills on these trails a bit of a challenge, but a great time was had by all.  


After the hike, Bill and Carol joined us to cook some sausage and potatoes over a backyard fire. This plan almost worked--a house fire in the neighbourhood  brought the fire commissioner around and apparently our hastily built brick barbecue  didn't meet fire regulations.  Fortunately, modern technology in the house still worked, and supper still got onto the table--just a few minutes late.


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