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Judy, Andree, Kerri and Di headed up to Riding Mountain National Park to enjoy this beautiful hike.  We started from the lower parking lot - to get the harder bit done first!  The plan was to meet Clark and Carol on their way down - and they would hike back up with us to their car.  We met - almost exactly at the halfway point - what excellent timing!  We all enjoyed lunch and a chat at the top - before we headed back down the trail.  We met lots of other hikers along the way - first of all on their way down - and again on their way up.  I think we all agreed that we did it the right way round - struggle up , then roll down!  It was a beautiful day and fall colors just delightful.  We had to do the obligatory coffee stop in Onanole - last one of the year!  Thanks to everyone for making it such a great day!   Di 

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