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Shelley, Di and Scotty backpacked into Whitewater camp site.  This was Shelleys second backpack in the park.  The initial plan was to go into Kinnis creek - but the trail had been washed out!  Plan B was to go into Long Lake - but there was a 'high water caution' on the creek crossing, so plan C was Whitewater water camp site.  There was obviously something going on, as the parking lot at the North Bison Enclosure was full - only one spot left to park!  It was a really lovely 10 km hike in.  We stopped at the junction of Long Lake for a drink.  A guy was coming out of that trail only to see Scotty and not us - he sure had a shock - he thought he was face to face with a wolf!  We were then passed by two beautiful horse and carts with about 20 people on board.  There had been a POW (Prisoner of War) convention at Whitewater camp site - at least we knew we had the place to our selves now!  When we arrived at our camp site, two bikers informed us that a brown bear had just passed through.  This was a little alarming as I had just been explaining to Shelley the difference between brown and black bears - so hearing that there was a brown bear in the camp was not funny!  I reassured her that there are only black bears in the park, and that it would have been a brown, black bear.  We also had a moose stomping and huffing in the bush - what more could you ask for?  For supper I had taken a sweet potato to make sweet potato fries - learned from Andree on a previous camp.  Now Shelley found a frying pan hanging on a tree, as you do of course - how convenient!  Later on, we were rewarded by the most beautiful full moon - which just got better as the evening went on!  Our hike out started well.  The last 3 km, however, was in torrential rain and thunder.  I guess it couldn't all be perfect, could it?!        Di Ingram

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