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Oct 8/16 Bald Hill hike via Reeve's Ravine


The Brandon group James, Olwen, Bert and Judy met at Humpty’s for the drive up to the trail head. We headed up #5, as there was a rumour that #19 may be closed. At the trailhead we met Clark, Carol, Maria and Cayenne, and after introductions we headed up the trail. The day was cool with traces of snow in some areas, but it turned out to be a perfect temperature and we did not encounter any moisture coming from the skies. We approached Bald Hill from the southeast on the south leg of the Reeve’s Ravine trail, then in on the .5km spur trail to the hill. After having lunch on the leeward side of the hill, and a couple in the group making the run down the side of Bald Hill, we hit the trail back out to the main Bald Hill trail. For the return trip we headed north along Bald Hill trail to the Jet Junction, then south on the new section of the Reeve’s Ravine trail and back to the trailhead. 14km logged for the hike.

We couldn’t resist the invitation from Clark and Carol to stop by their cottage in Onanole for refreshments on our return to Brandon, so we headed back via #19 which turned out to be in great condition. Maria and Cayenne headed east to #5, as they were returning to Winnipeg. The visit in Onanole was very enjoyable and interesting, with all the revelations of who knew who knew who. It’s a small world.




Green = Oct 8/16 Bald Hill hike from the south 14km.

Red = Previous Bald Hill hikes from the north 14.7km.

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