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Oct 31-Nov 1, 2015 Cairns Cabin overnight back pack Trip


Six people and three canines had a good overnight at Cairns Cabin in Riding Mountain National Park on Halloween night.  Alas though, no trick or treaters so we had to look after the treats ourselves.  The cookies and chocolate bars did not endure for the hike out.

A little damp on the hike in but warm enough to be very tolerable. The trail was quite wet underfoot for the most part, although the low area from the turn off to the cabin was the driest most had ever seen it. 

The cloud persisted until very late evening, but the stars were out when the last person quite for the night. We don’t know how long it was clear as we awoke to light rain again in the morning, which was still making its presence  known as we hiked out.  Temperatures were again around the plus 5 mark.

The wild life sightings were only seen while we had breakfast Saturday am at Elkhorn Ranch, six deer wandering past.


Fred, Jackie,Di,Eldon,Kelvin and myself Edward

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