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May11/12,2013 Join the Westman Wilderness Club for an overnight backpack in Spruce Woods Provincial Park .Call Di 204-571-0477.


It was just my self and my four legged friend, Scotty, who went out to cabin #3 on The Epinette trail in Spruce Woods  We left late afternoon, and took our time getting to the cabin.  We saw a few crocus's along the way - the first I'd seen this year!  We met a  fellow backpacker on his way back from cabin #4 - who informed me that the water pump at cabin #3 was not working - but the creek was running at the bottom of the ravine if I was up for a bit of scrambling!  By the time I got to the cabin - I knew I had to go in search of water.  I also realized I had to go in search of wood - there was not a log to be seen - and it was going to be a cool night, and an even cooler morning!!!  It was good to finally sit down in a warm cabin and relax for the evening.  The Cyotes howled all night - it was beautiful.  I woke at around 6.30.  There was something quivering at the bottom of my sleeping bag.  Scotty was shivering!  It was obviously time to get up and make a fire to warm the dog...!  My breakfast guest, Clarence, arrived around 9.30 - by which time it was warm enough to sit out side and enjoy breakfast in the sun.  Another beautiful day on the trail.  At cabin #2 we met some English folks - so we stopped and chatted for a while.  It seemed far too nice to be going home - but that's what we had to do.
Di Ingram

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