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Overnight Backpack


Di, Pascal and the faithful 4-legged friend - Scotty, hiked the 8 km into East Deep Lake.  The weather looked much better in the park than Brandon, but we had just got our tent up when the rain started.  We were able to find shelter behind the wood shed, get a fire started - and enjoy supper.  The elk started to bugle - a beautiful sound!  They continued to bugle over night and were still at it when we got up in the morning!  We had a lovely day hike down the Jet trail, not quite to the bottom, but an 18 km hike in total.  As we arrived back on the main trail - we met up with Judy on her bike - what perfect timing!  Bert and Stephanie (Bert's daughter) were not too far behind - and we all made our way back to the East Deep lake camp site.  We enjoyed a camp fire and were serenaded by the elk, Loons, and observed a Muskrat on the lake and a Heron flying over head.  However, there was a severe lack of bear poop on the trail!  Considering they should be stuffing their faces at this time of year - had they just found food else where - or are there just fewer bears this year? Monday morning, we all headed back to the parking lot.  We all seemed to travel at different speeds - but all ended up in the correct place in the end!  We met a few people along the way - mainly bikers making the most of the East escarpment trails.

Thanks to everyone who made this an enjoyable trip!  Di

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