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Nobody, but Di and her four legged friend 'Scotty', was prepared to spend New Years Eve at the cabin.  The trails had just been tracked, and everything looked absolutely beautiful.  The first task at the cabin - was to collect some wood and kindling.  Very soon - Di was up to her hips in snow, having stepped off the packed trail!  The water pump wasn't working - so pails of snow had to be collected.  Why do heaps of snow only give you an inch of water?  By 10pm it was time for bed!  Having decided to keep the fire going over night - the alarm was set for 11.45pm.  This gave enough time to pour a glass of wine to see the new year in - and put some more wood on the fire!


The first visitor of the new year - was a young Chickadee - who flew into the cabin, and knocked itself senseless against the back window.  It wasn't going to move!  Eventually, it was picked up and escorted off the premises.  Now quite comfortable in Di's hand - it still wasn't going to move!  It was only a few minutes before Mom Chickadee started to dive bomb us.  After perching my feathered friend on a piece of wood - it was still not ready to go!  The next time I looked at it, it was all puffed up with it's head under its wing.  This did not look good, but I decided that nature had to take its own course.  Finally, it decided to go!  Well, I did have to check that it hadn't frozen to death, and was lying behind the wood pile.  Luckily, there was no body to be found - so I think all was well!


Di skied out to the parking lot to meet Andree, Bert and Bob.  After we all returned to the cabin for some snacks, we enjoyed 18km out on the trails.  Bert and Bob enjoyed taking photos along the way - well, Bob did when he had finished making snow angels on the hills!  We parted company, some to go home, and Di back to the cabin.   Nadine and Krissey were to head to the cabin that afternoon.  Di had finally given up on her company arriving, and ate supper.  Suddenly, there was the sound of voices and some head lamps flickering in the distance!  Yes, they finally made it!  We all then relaxed for the evening before having a good nights sleep.


The second morning, and our second visitor - was a hungry mouse!  Well, we assume it was a mouse - but something had enjoyed some of Nadine and Krisseys oatmeal!  Another attempt had been made on the powdered milk - but that packet was obviously too thick.  Another skier also visited for a while - and was amazed that there were 3 girls at the cabin on their there a problem with that?    We eventually set off back to the parking lot - Di on skis, Scotty on foot and Nadine and Krissey on snow shoes.


Thanks to everyone who came to make this such a good trip!         Di Ingram

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