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Di, Fred and Jackie, Bert and Judy and two faithful canine companions, Scotty and Dover, met in the Adam Lake parking lot.  It was a frigid New Years Eve, around -30, for a ski into James Lake cabin.  Apart from being extremely cold, it was a beautiful day and a great ski.  However, our first challenge was getting a fire going in the cabin with green wood, which we assume had come from all the fallen trees back in the summer.  It almost got the better of us (Di and Jackie were thinking they would have to ski out again) - until Bert and Fred retrieved some old wood from the back of the wood shed and some dead fall from the bush around the cabin.  It was not a pleasant task changing into dry clothes in these temperatures, either - but it had to be done!  It was a good few hours later that we were able to enjoy some warmth from our fire in the cabin.  Jackie and Di - along with the resident mice - were the only ones to see the New Year in!
The next day, Di accompanied Judy and Bert to Adam Lake cabin - before they turned off back to the parking lot, and Di headed back to the cabin for a second night - and to attend to the fire!  Fred and Jackie had gone straight to the parking lot to pug-in their vehicle - then ski back to meet Bert and Judy.  After warming up and drying out, Di enjoyed an afternoon ski.  Scotty was not so enthused about this, but as he had no choice - he went!  It was also time to fill the wood box in preparation for another frigid night.  Robert eventually arrived at 7pm - Di had almost given up on having company that night!
Robert headed out early in the morning to continue his journey into the US - while Di enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, filled the wood box (yet again) and cleaned up the cabin before heading out to the parking lot.  It was a balmy -20, but no sign of any other skiers.  We had seen no one over the whole New Year period?!
Thanks to everyone who came out for this event - and for Bert and Robert for keeping the fire going throughout those cold nights!    Di

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