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Fred and Jackie, Clarence, Shelley, Bert and Judy, Di and of course our two faithful four legged friends Dover and Scotty - met up on a beautiful saturday morning to hike into cabin 3 on the Eppinette trail.  This had turned into a two night backpack at the very last minute!  After 8 km - with almost no bugs - we arrived at cabin 3.  Someone was already there and had established camp, and there were several people passing through on foot and on wheels - cirtainly a busy place on a long week end!   It was lucky that the guy who was there when we arrived - was not looking for a moment of solitude!  I think he, Steve, was glad of some company, and he join us for the week end.  It was a celebration week end too!  That's as much as you're going to get!  So it started with the wine....   Before supper, Dover put a smile on all of our faces - except Jackie and Freds!  He had taken himself for a walk and found some burrs.  He couldn't even wagg his tail - it was doubled back and stuck to his bum!  I know what Fred and Jackie are doing now - still picking burrs off Dover!   Dessert was cake that had been successfully carried in - candles and all!  Unfortunately, sunday brought rain, and Bert, Judy, Fred and Jackie had to leave.   The rest of us stayed - and Steve thought he may as well stay too!  We did get a reasonable hike on sunday afternoon - but the rain was pretty heavy by then.  We had stashed some wood in the cabin to keep dry - so we spent the rest of the time trying to dry pants, socks and boots.  We were sure glad of that cabin!  There was a large nest,  we think squirrels, in the cabin - so nothing was really safe unless it was dangling by something from something!  By evening we were back outside sitting by the fire.  We woke on monday to blue skies and sunshine!  What a shame it hadn't been like that yesterday?  Thanks, everyone, for a great week end!     Di Ingram  

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