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Fall/Winter Events 2017/2018


Nov 4

Intro to Urban GeoCaching Hike.

Get a taste of the fastest growing activity in the world, while doing a 10k urban hike. You may be enticed to become a GeoCacher. There are 3 million GeoCachers looking for 2.8 million Caches in 180 Countries. When asked to describe GeoCaching, a seasoned Cacher said "It is a sport that uses billions of dollars worth of technology to find Tupperware containers in the bush."  If you are interested contact James at or 204-726-8351

It was a dark and stormy morning … but this did not deter Rick, Sue and James from completing this event. The heavy snow started about 5 minutes before we started and ended about 5 minutes after we finished, so they got to experience caching at its worst. The weather did not seem to affect the participants, as they were very eager to learn this new outdoor activity. We did shorten the hike to about 8 km from the planned 10 so we could return to the Clay Pot for hot beverages and some nourishment.


A quote from the participants:

“We chose the first snowstorm of the year to learn about GeoCaching. Despite adverse weather conditions we thoroughly enjoyed our hike and learning the basics from James. It was so exciting (once we got the hang of things) to find those well-hidden caches on our own! It’s like adult hide and seek – we love it!!”


Nov 11

Clark will hold an overnight hot camp at Lake Audy.  Please call Clark at 204-896-3618 or 204-848-2818 for more information.

Lake Audy trip report. Click here.     Photos from Pary


Nov 30

Rick and Sue will host the annual Westman Wilderness Christmas Party.  Please call Rick or Sue at 204-724-5380 for more information.


Dec. 10

Judy will lead a day hike on the Yellow Quill Trail.  Please call Judy at 204-727-4794 for more information


Jan 7

Fred will lead a day ski in Sprucewoods Cabin #3.  Please call Fred at 204-761-for more information,

Thanks to Di, Shannon, James & Olwen, Jackie & Fred & 2 border collies for hiking the Yellowquill Trail, in its entirety.

 Some 100 km by my reckoning but James will have you believe closer to 12 km.

 We stopped briefly at the cabin for a bite. It was warmer outside than inside the cabin.

 Temp was 0 to start and +2C by the end. The skies cleared midway through our hike - a glorious day.

 Numerous deer and deer tracks/trails. Squirrels & ravens were happy with the weather as well.

 Encountered a skier out on the ungroomed, unpacked trail, riddled with footprints.

 We all stopped @ Robin’s Nest apres hike and indulged in pie and coffee.

 Till next time



Jan. 13- 14

Join Judy for a ski weekend at Madge Lake.  Please call Judy at 204-727-4794 for more information.


Jan 20

Di will lead a day ski – possibly in RMNP.  Please call Di at 204-571-0477 for more information.


Feb 2 & 3

Roger W will host a winter camp close to RMNP.  Please Call Roger at 204-726-5293 for more information.

Winter Camp report. Click here.


Feb 10

Judy will lead a ski on the Bittersweet trails.  Please call Judy at 204-727-4794 for more information. 



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