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Eldon and Linda, Kari, Stephanie, Di and Scotty met in Onanole before heading off to the trail head.  It wasn't particularly warm or sunny - but it was dry - and that's what mattered!  This could have been a bit of a 'Wild Goose Chase' - as I was leading a hike that I had never done before - neither had anyone else!  After studying the map really hard - we set off.  It wasn't long before layers of clothes were dispensed with, and shortly after that - the sun came out!  There was plenty of bear scat along the way - but no bears.  I think I should say - we didn't see any bears - but how many saw us?  Eldon was able to point out Poison Ivy to us all in it's various stages.  My conclusion is, if in doubt, assume it's Poison Ivy - it seems to come in all shapes, colors and sizes!  At one point we had fantastic views of Bald Hill, and the trail we had taken out last year.  In fact - we had fantastic views all the way around!  I think all of us, though, decided that biking parts of this trail would be potentially suicidal - and that hiking it was the better option.


Thanks to everyone who came out - and Kari for the pictures!  



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