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Turtle Mountains - December 31 - January 2

Bert and Judy, Nadine, Di and Scotty hiked - for the second year running - into James Lake cabin in the Turtle Mountains to celebrate New Year!  We were joined later by Fred and Jackie and Scotty's dear friends Dover and Keiffer.  In true wilderness club style, we enjoyed our evening meal - there was more than enough to go around!  As we were waiting for the new year to arrive, we were really lucky to witness a display of the northern lights!  New years day we all, except Nadine who volunteered to keep the fire going, accompanied Bert and Judy back to the parking lot.  The weather was exceptionally mild - so it was a wonderful hike back to the cabin.  We were planning on a snow shoe on James Lake - but Fred reported some slushy areas - so we abandoned that idea!  There were some skiers out, but with no tracks, it wouldn't have been fun with our large packs!  Just a little more snow and we would have been skiing for sure.....
Our second night was an early one - and we were greeted by another beautiful day to hike out.  We stopped in Boissevain for a relaxing coffee at The Sawmill, before heading home.
Thanks to everyone for making it a memorable start to 2016!       


Di Ingram

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