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It was only Di and Scotty who started out on the Saturday morning to do the 8 km hike into Kinnis Creek.  There were quite a few relatively fresh 'Bison Pies' - so I was aware that I could have company along the way!  The creek was high enough that the boots had to come off - but my feet were delighted to be in the cool water!  It was really good to be back at my favorite spot.  On Sunday, we hiked back out to the parking lot to meet Robert - who was coming out for just the one night.  By now the sun was high in the sky - and Scotty was starting to struggle with the heat - so we had numerous stops in the shade for him to cool down.  It was another beautiful evening by the fire - but we were just desperate for a moose (or something) to come down to the creek for a drink!  The bugs weren't too bad - except for some man-eating Black Flies who were getting a really good meal out of the two of us!  Monday morning brought the 'pitter-patter' of rain drops on the tent.  It did clear up, though, for us to enjoy breakfast and get packed up in the dry.  The clouds were thick and black when the time came to leave - but they were behind us, and not going to be of any concern.  How wrong could we have been!!  After crossing the creek - the rain and thunder started.  We continued for a while - but ended up having to take shelter in the end.  The storm was right over head at one point, and with one particular clap of thunder - I almost leaped out of my skin!  This didn't give Scotty any confidence - who was looking at me for reassurance.  By now we were all soaked through, and nothing really mattered any more.  But at least we weren't hot!  We were almost back at the parking lot - when Robert saw a bear in the long grass.  My only wildlife sighting was a snake in the wood pile...which I wish I hadn't seen!   Di

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