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Judy and Bert, Di and Scotty met Marg in the Eppinette trail head parking lot.  Marg had spent the previous night at cabin 2, and was nursing a sore back - may be from the cold or the hard ground - but was going to join us for a day hike.  I had been informed that the bridge over the river was impassible, so we drove to the halfway point of the trail - and backpacked to cabin 3 from there.  We were not alone -  9 other backpackers were at cabin 3!  Some had crossed the river, and others had found an alternative way in.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and another hike towards cabin 4.  Bert was deeply engrossed with the old car - but there was just too much sunlight for good photos!  There were plenty of stories told around the camp fire that night - and even some new ideas for future backpacks!  

What struck us most about our little village of tents - was that the majority of tents were MSR Hubba or Hubba Hubba - of various colors, sizes and ages!

Sunday morning was not the best of weather - some drizzle - and a threat of even worse!  Bert was keen to retrace our steps to inspect some Marsh Marigolds - and of course, the old car!  The lighting was going to be much better - so off we went!

Thanks, to my fellow hikers and backpackers, for a great time!

Di Ingram


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