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Friday November 11th and Saturday November 12th,



WWC members Di (and Scottie), Judy, Bert and Clarke with fiends from Winnipeg, Sharon, Dave, Celine and Chris (and Holly) had a rather warm “early winter” camp at Whirlpool Lake last Friday to Sunday.  Somewhat surprisingly, 10 other campers took advantage of the good weather including a young couple and a group of eight in the three tents including a Cabela’s hot tent.  Our accommodations ranged from unheated dome tent, 30 year old Eureka basecamp with a triple candle lantern, Snowtrekker with wood stove to van and camper van.


After getting acquainted Friday evening in the cook shelter and enjoying suppers and a few shared treats (and commenting on the gnarly firewood) all headed to bed early.  Saturday breakfasts ranged from fresh baked biscuits to granola, hot cereal and bacon and eggs as we prepared to hike to Cowan Lake and on to the warming shelter on Grey Owl trail and then back track.  Other than a few wet sections the trail is in great condition.  It was nice to see a still functioning well at Cowan Lake and be entertained for several minutes by a curious weasel.


Judy and Bert left for another commitment and the rest of the crew decided to enclose the cook shelter and spend a few hours relaxing, dining and enjoying drinks before another early night.  The moon was spectacular.  Even though there were other campers, we had the shelter to ourselves and the campground was quiet.


After pack up and a quick breakfast on Sunday we drove to hike Kinasao and out on Grey Owl trails.  An extra layer was required, but decent weather continued.  A few wet spots were navigated with only one “soaker”.  The group wrapped up with coffee at Clarke’s cottage.



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