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Dec.16, 2012 Westman  Wilderness Club ski at Bittersweet.

This was going to be  a snow shoe in the Brandon Hills but we have decided to change it to a ski..

For more information call Jackie or Fred at (204) 728-7685


The snowshoe @ the Brandon Hills which was changed to a ski @ Bittersweet ended up being a ski @ Spruce Woods on the Epinette Trail.

The change of venue was due to the overwhelming response by the participants namely Jackie, Dover and myself. MB Conservation's Trail Conditions website updated Friday last indicated "groomed trails with good conditions" and they weren't kidding. Temp was -5, NO wind and overcast. There were 2 other vehicles in the parking lot but we did not encounter their owners on the trail. We skied into Cabin 3 which was still cozy from previous visitors who had snowshoed in. No animals seen except for a few squirrels and ravens. Some joker(s) had driven to the Cabin from the east. Epinette Creek was open and flowing. Skiing trumps shopping yet again!

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