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After meeting in the Adam Lake parking lot in the Turtle Mountains Provincial park, we decided that skiing was not an option!  There was certainly a very good base - but no tracks to speak of!  I decided to snow shoe (just so I didn't have to carry them), while Bert, Judy and Nadine decided to hike - carrying their snow shoes.  The trail was packed awaiting more snow in order to track, and the trees were laden with haw frost - it was just beautiful!  After arriving at the cabin and getting the fire started, it wasn't long before we were hungry and eating supper.  We then had a few hours to kill!  Judy and Nadine played crib while Di, Bert and Scotty went for a snow shoe around the lake.  Bert and Judy then went for a snow shoe around the lake - we still had time to kill!  We were also placing bets on what time Robert would arrive after his New Years dance in Brandon.  We saw the New Year in - but were quite relieved to then be able to go to bed!
The next morning there was no Robert - but just a skiff of new snow!  Di and Nadine accompanied Bert and Judy back to the parking lot.  After waving them off - we had an hours ski on the intermediate trail.  There were some ski tracks around - but we didn't see a soul.  After arriving back at the cabin - it was time to fill the wood box ready for the night.  We were still wondering what time Robert might appear.
We must have found some really hot burning wood (unlike what we had been burning).  It was 1.30 am when Di, Nadine and Scotty were all standing out side, with the cabin door wide open, trying to cool off!  We eventually did get to sleep again - and the cabin was still toasty warm in the morning!  The trail crew came by packing the trail - again, and informed us that they would be ready to track on Monday due to a pile of snow coming later that day.  We then packed up and headed back to the parking lot.  We met the next lot of campers coming into the cabin who were pulling, rather than carrying, their goods.  We hit the road just in time I think -  and we were safely back in Brandon before the storm started.
According to Robert - James Lake cabin was no longer in existence!  After coming to that conclusion - he had driven home and arrived just in time for breakfast.  I guess all those ski tracks we saw - belonged to our long lost friend!
Thanks for making it great New Year!  Thanks, too, to Bert who left us with plenty of chopped wood!
Di Ingram

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