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Sept 23-24

Hike or Bike to Camp 4, Spruce Woods.

Choose to travel by bike or on foot for an overnight camp at Jackfish Lake along Epinette Creek trail in Spruce woods Provincial park. Bikers will start from the regular parking lot and follow an approximately 20km mix of park roads and trails to the campsite. Hikers will drive the gravel road to the south of the trail and hike the 10km to camp. Hiking is generally easy though the trails have some steeper sections where cyclists may choose to walk down. There are expected to be at least a couple of dogs along on this trip.

Please contact Chris Randall ( - 204-471-9474) for more details. Please let him know by the 20th latest if you are planning on joining the group.

Sept 30

Hike: Gorge Creek, RMNP
Trail is 6.4 one way and rated diff
icult. Total hike length 12.8 km.
Text: Kari at (204) 901-3047
for more details.


Other events may be added; if so you will receive an email and they will be added to the website

Planning Meetings.​

A meeting is held 3 times a year to plan upcoming events and enlist leaders for these events.

If you are interested in participating in these planning meetings either to provide ideas for activities, or to participate as a leader for the event, please attend the meeting or eMail ideas to Westman Wilderness Club via the "Contact us" on the menu.


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