July 1

City bike ride with stop at Crow’s General Store

Sue and Rick Palmer

Email:  sue.obm.palmer@gmail.com

Call or text: (204)724-5380


July 9

RMNP hike

On July 9th, we will hike Arrowhead (3.4 km) followed by Kinosao/Brule Trails (approximately 4km) in RMNP. Level of difficulty is easy to moderate, as there are a few hills. Depending on the weather, we may head over to Lake Katherine afterwards to go kayaking or canoeing. Please text Kari at (204) 761-0136 for more details and to confirm your attendance.


July 10

Bike ride around Clear Lake

Robert and Audrey

Phone:  Robert: (204) 759-2412  

               Audrey:  (204) 859-0370

Email: shwalukr@hotmail.com


July 23

Hike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


July 17-29

Bike or hike in Turtle Mountains (exact date tba)

Brian:  call/text:  (204) 441-7933

Email:  bnogilvi@mymts.net


July 30-Aug 1

2 night backpack in RMNP

Di:  Call or text: (204) 761-6698

Email:  di.ingram@hotmail.com



Aug 6

Hike Kinosao Trail, Kayak and picnic at Lake Katherine

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


Aug 13-14

Hike/bike on Central Trail, camp at Whitewater Lake

Judy: phone or text 204-720-7892

Email judy.bartel@gmail.com



Sep 10

Brandon Hills Hike

Arron:  phone or text (204)761-5924 or email clarke.arron@gmail.com 


Sept 17

Kayak/Canoe from Hwy 1 (between Rivers and Kemnay Turnoffs) to Brandon


Dennis:  call/text:204-922-4920?


Sept 23 to 25

Backcountry bicycle ride/camp in RMNP

Clarke:  text/call 204 232 9230

Email: wc-wilkie@shaw.ca


Oct 1

Gorge Creek hike in RMNP

Kari:  Call or text  (204) 761-0136


Oct or Nov

Hike to Cairns Cabin in RMNP (Ochre River Trail).  This is tentative, dependent on whether RMNP opens the trail and the cabin.

Di:  Call or text: (204) 761-6698

Other events may be added; if so, you will receive an e-mail and they will be added to 


Planning Meetings.​

A meeting is held 3 times a year to plan upcoming events and enlist leaders for these events.

If you are interested in participating in these planning meetings either to provide ideas for activities, or to participate as a leader for the event, please attend the meeting or eMail ideas to Westman Wilderness Club via the "Contact us" on the menu.