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June 9,2013 Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day hike  Riding Mountain National Park. Call Jackie 204-728-7685.

The park has closed highway 19 due to overland flooding.  So we  change the hike from Gorge Creek to Clear Lake North Shore.   Plan to meet at Michael's for coffee at 10 AM and then trail head for 11:00 A.M.  Ask people to contact me on my cell @ 204-761-1764 as we will be up at the lake Saturday evening.
Jacqueline Goods

On Sunday June 9/13-Fred, Jackie, Di, Robert, Scotty and Dover did the North Shore Trail.  We decided to start at the Spruces Trail head and head south to the Glen Beag picnic area and return north to Spruces.  The distance was

15.6 K hike.  Most of the trail was dry and it had some nice views of the lake.  We did see some bear sign, about half way, but the real bear siteing was along highway 10 on the east side of the highway just before the Spruces Turn off.  The hike took about 3 hours and we headed to Micheal's for coffee afterwards.  We had clear skies for all of the hike with perfect temperature for hiking which made the hike quite enjoyable.


Jacqueline Goods

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