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Spirit Sand Hills Hike & Picnic

Saturday, Oct 17, 2015


Eight hikers enjoyed a spectacular day in the Carberry Sand Hills Saturday, Oct 17. Club members Carol H, Roger B, Di (with Scotty), Rick & Sue P, along with guests Mel, Pam & Kathy enjoyed beautiful weather (+12) & lovely blue skies as we hiked the Spirit Sand Hills.

A thousand years ago the Sand Hills consisted of 6,500 square kilometres of desert; now there are only 4 square kilometres left. The trail consists of many assents & descents, along with flat stretches. There were many shelters and rest areas along the route.

We noticed several garter snakes along our route, and noted the work that the spider ants had been doing in the sand.


Upon reaching the Devil’s Punch Bowl, an ever-changing depression created by underground springs next to the Assiniboine River, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and visit.


We hiked 11.6 k or 18,976 steps according to Pam’s Fitbit.



Sue Palmer



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