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Aug 22, 2015 Moon Lake Hike Report


Five intrepid Wilderness Club adventurers plus three canine companions braved the weather for a hike around Moon Lake on Sat. Aug 22.  After meeting at 9 at Sporty's in Onanole for breakfast we headed up to Moon Lake & started  off on the trail at about 10:45 in a light drizzle which slowly increased to a steady light rain.  There wasn't much human traffic on the trail (Surprise, Surprise), but we did see evidence of previous bike traffic and lots of bear scat.  Fortunately, we  didn't encounter any bears.  We stopped a little shy of the usual lookout spot for a break under some trees, as we thought it would be too wet at the look-out, only to discover that Park had cleared a spot under one of the large trees at the lookout and installed a couple of Muskoka style chairs - great resting spot, & dry.  Well, we know for next time.

The second part of the trail definitely could have used some brushing, but surprisingly the low and muddy spots were hard under the surface moisture. (Last year we ended the hike with mud laden boots.  This year they ended up just wet.) When we got back to the beach area, enjoyed the heat of the picnic shelter cook stove fire provided by some tenters for the campground before heading back.

Participants:  Roger B., Di, Carol H., Jacquie & Fred, plus canine companions .

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