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Jan 5 ,2013 Join The Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski on the Yellow Quill trail in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

Call Eldon 204-476-6434 before 9 pm

Di, Shannon, Judy, new WWC prospect Jill Proulx and Scotty, piled into Judy's little FIT with all their ski equipment and headed fo the Yellowquill Trail.  Odd sounds from the rear elicited a few startle responses from the driver, but it was only Scotty shifting the stack of skis, and wondering why he wasn't riding in his usual comfort. In the parkinglot of Yellowquill we hooked up with Jackie, Fred, and Dover, who had already enjoyed 45 minutes of skiing. Conditions were fantastic, and we realized once again why this is a WWC favourite.  The stove in the warming hut was already stoked, so the others headed off immediately for a ski.  It was Jill's second ski--first time down any hills, so she and Judy took things a bit more slowly.  Another 40 minutes, and Jille was sailing down the hills and herringboning up like a pro.  We wrapped up with hot chocolate and cookies in the shack.


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