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Fall/Winter 2013/2014


Nov.11, 2013   Join the Westman  Wilderness Club for a day hike in the Spirit Sands in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Phone Judy  204 727-4794.


Nov.17, 2013   Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day hike on the Kinosao/Grey Owl  Loop in Riding Mountain National Park. Call Eldon  204  476-6434  before 9 PM.


Dec.7, 2013  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a Christmas Party . Phone Rick or Sue  204 727-5483


Dec. 8, 2013  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a snowshoe/hike in the Brandon Hills. Phone Fred 204 728-7685.


Dec.13 , 2013  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a moon lit ski . Phone Robert 204  759 -2412.


Dec.31, 3013 - Jan.1,2014   Join the Westman Wilderness Club for  an overnight ski into James Lake Cabin In Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Day skiers welcome. Phone Di  571-0477.


Jan.4, 2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for an overnight ski into Jackfish Lake Cabin in Sprucewoods Provincial Park. Call Jackie  204-728-7685.


Jan.10, 2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a moonlit ski .   Phone Robert 204 759-2412.


Jan.11, 2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski and snowshoe on the Langford Trails near Neepawa. Phone Fred 204 728-7685.


Jan.18, 2014  to Jan.26,2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a winter camp near Riding Mountain National Park. Day snowshoe or ski  on Lake Katherine Jan.18 and Jan.25. Phone Roger  204  726-6268.   


Feb.1,2014 Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski on Birch and Pumpkin Creek Trails near Roseisle, Manitoba. Phone Fred 204 728-7685.


Feb.8, 2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski on Grey Owl Trail in Riding Mountain National Park. Phone Di 204 571-0477.


Feb.15, 2013  Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a day ski on Bittersweet Trail south of Portage. Phone Judy 204 727-4794.


Mar.1, 2014  Join the Westman Wilderness Cub in the Lopet in Riding Mountain National Park. Phone Jackie 204 728-7685


.Mar.10, 2013 Join the Westman Wilderness Club for their quarterly meeting.  Phone Fred 204 728-7685.


Mar15, 2014 Join the Westman Wilderness Club for a moonlit snowshoe in the Brandon hills. Phone Fred 204 728-7685.



Down hill ski trips

I put forward here some proposals for any interested downhill skiers from WWC and/or friends of WWC members to join me for some downhill ski trips for the winter of 2013/2014 - (most hills also offer fantastic cross-country ski trails - notably the Banff area and Lake Louise of course, however - Big White & Silver Star also have some nice cross-country skiing opportunities, as may also Whistler). 


These time slots are not written in stone - if people wish to come before or hang around for an extra day or two past the scheduled days - with sufficient notice this can be accommodated. Also with a group of people travelling to a destination, vehicle pooling is feasible, (a la WWC style)  either with rented vehicle or volunteer vans/trucks etc. If flying, you will be responsible for obtaining your own tickets.

Most of the ski resorts listed below provide shuttles from the airport to the resorts, for a price and I can try to co-ordinate shuttle for people flying in, if any... 


So here are periods of time I have scheduled  off for downhill ski trip for the winter of 2013-2014: 


The pre-Xmas Banff ski trip. The Banff area has very nice runs for the novice all the way to intermediate and expert skiers with 3 ski hills available on the tri-pass ticket - standard with the ski package from Bowview Lodge.  I fly out from Regina Sunday 15  to arrive at Calgary in the afternoon and will be in Banff by early evening. Because my flight leaves Calgary late Saturday, I will book a 6 day ski  ski package out of the Bow view lodge for myself and anyone else who wants to hang around an extra day, but the packages are usually sold as a 3 day or 5 day.  The 5 day package for accommodations, ski pass, and ski shuttles to/from the hotel to the ski hill is usually about 550$ based on double occupancy. This package is suitable for small parties of 2-5 skiers.  Some rooms will accommodate up to 3 or  4 people: 2 separate bedrooms with a queen in one for a couple, or a single person and 2 doubles in the other for 2 singles. And lots of rooms with 2 double beds for just 2 skiers. World class après ski hot-tubs, Jacuzzis and swimming pools are available with the hotel from this package, and the town of Banff cannot be beat for entertainment, especially this time of year.    If anyone is interested, please notify me by November 15, 2013, as some of the bigger rooms may no be available.


 The Big White ski trip January 12-17. Big white is a really nice place for beginning and intermediate skiers.   Will book the flight ASAP (hopefully through Brandon airport). Those skiers wanting to fly  - plan to fly in Sunday to arrive early evening and ski 5 full days Monday to Friday, leaving Saturday morning.  This ski trip can accommodate a larger party of up to 6 or 8 people, and can be scaled back to as few as one or 2 people. I Will book accommodations based on # people who would be attending but some very comfortable condos can be booked as part of the package with bigger groups (4 or more people) . This resort is right at the hill, and excellent ski packages are available via rental of condos or cabins.   The cutoff date to notify me of anyone's intent to participate will be by November 31, 2013.  You will be responsible to book your flights to Kelowna BC.  If enough interest is out there, people could car-pool but it is likely a 2 day, (one-way)  trip from Manitoba.


 I am also booking a stretch of days off for February 15- 20, 2014.  I have 2 choices for myself (and any interested skiers). One plan is to go visit Fernie Ski hill which I haven't seen in over 15 yrs. I will look into accomodations and packages if any  interest is shown.  The other plan  could also be to Whistler/Blackcomb if other participant(s) wish to fly.  The shuttle between  Vancouver and Whistler is dramatically faster now that the highway to Whistler was extensively improved for the winter olympics a few years ago. Please notify me by January 3rd if you wish to attend and your preference.  (either is good for me, though Fernie would be cheaper than Whistler.)


 Finally, for my last ski trip of the 2013 - 2014 season, based on last years spring trip (Ed Burridge and I had extraordinary ski conditions for our Easter ski trip to Banff)  -  I have reserved a block of days in March for a trip to Banff again this year. I would be flying out Saturday, March 15  and plan to ski  Sunday to Thursday and fly back late Thursday as I have to be back at work for Friday, but other participants can stay around for a few extra days if desired. Please let me know by January 31, 2014 if you are planning to ski with us.  The ski package and accommodations will be the similar or slightly more expensive than  the Pre-Xmas trip to Banff mentioned above.


 I may be contacted either by email or by phone-leave a message if I'm not home @ 204-638-3721 Mike Rossier

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