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Sept 21, 2015 Day hike on Reeves Ravine to Bald Hill


Eight hikers, Evelyn, Wally, Ron, Sandy, Deb, Verne, Janis and Alf hiked on Reeves Ravine to Bald Hill in Riding Mountain national Park. This was an impromtu hike so planning ahead was not an option. The Hike started at Burls and Bittersweet parking near the east gate of RMNP. This is the new single track bike trail built in the last 5 years by many volunteers and Park employees. The day was sunny and hot, as matter of fact very hot as we made our way on Reeves Ravine trail to Bald Mountain. The fall colours are just about perfect at this time so the views were fantastic. Reeves Ravine is a loop but It was decided to take the scenic route up and the same one back so as to see the views off the escarpment. Lunch was eaten on the top of Bald Hill. Bald Hill is a spectacular hill of shale with views out over the surrounding hills and off the escarpment for many miles. Distance hiked was approx. 11 Kilometers. There were 8 tired hikers arriving back at the parking lot but everyone commented on what a spectacular hike it was.



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