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2016 Spring / Summer


May 15

Alf Stanley is leading a hike in RMNP Grey Owl Trail to warm up shack then  over to Lake Kinosao.  Please call Alf at 204-729-1055 for more information.


May 21 & 22

Di Ingram is leading an overnight backpack in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.  Please call Di at 204-761-6698 for more information.


May 29

Judy Bartel is biking the Trans Canada Trail Highway 10 to Sandy Lake.  For more information please give Judy a call at 204-727-4794.


June 4 & 5

Robert Shwaluk is organizing a horse trail riding and camp at Lake Audy.  Bring your horse and have some fun.  For information please call Robert at 204-759-2412.


June 11 & 12

Di Ingram back pack in RMNP.  Call Di at 204-761-6698 for more details.


July 1 to 4

Sue and Rick Palmer are hiking the Tilson Lake Trail in Riding Mountain National Park to Cave Campground for an overnight stay.  Please call Sue or Rick at 204-724-5380.


July 10

Annual General Meeting and planning session with be held at Di Ingrams home.  Please RSVP to Di Ingram at 204-761-6698. 


July 14

Kelly and Michelle Pettinger will lead a hike in Riding Mountain National Park followed by a pot luck supper.  Please call Kelly or Michelle for information about the hike at 204-204-573-6405.


July 16

Roger Winger will lead a hike on Brulee Trail in RMNP followed by a picnic, canoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming at Lake Katherine.  Call Roger at 204-720-1464.


Aug. 20

Michelle and Kelly Pettinger will host a water creek hike followed by a pot luck supper and dance on their deck.  Call Michelle at 204-720-1464.

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