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The fun started when I phoned for a back country camping permit for this trip.  Apparently we weren't the only ones heading out for the week end - over 100 permits had already been issued!  With trails in the Whiteshell closed due to the fires - it looked as if everyone was heading to Sprucewoods!
Bert and Judy, Di and her faithful friend Scotty started out on the Epinette trail towards cabin 3.  We passed, and were passed, by 2 groups of school children.  One group were doing the Duke of Edinburgh award - and hiked out to cabin 3 and then back to cabin 2 to camp.  The other group were camping at cabin 3 - along with other couples and groups of people.  It was a hot day - and after relaxing in the shade for the rest of the afternoon - it was time to try and borrow a spot on a fire pit to cook supper!  We spent the evening chatting to our fellow campers - and hopefully recruited some new WWC members!
It was a perfect night to camp without a fly sheet!  It was a full moon, too - and a wonderful experience to fall asleep under the stars in the light of the full moon.  Peace didn't last for long.  Someone was allowing their dog to roam free!  Scotty was extremely interested in this new friend on the other side of the mesh of the tent, and the new friend was also interested in Bert and Judy on the other side of their mesh.  Bert had the last say, though - a woof from Bert sent our new friend back from whence he came!
Our hike back to the parking lot the next day was much cooler than on the way in.  The heavy dark clouds actually looked quite ominous.  We made it back without a drop of rain - but the firing from Shilo did make us wonder what was on it's way!
Thanks Bert and Judy for joining in on our first backpack of the season!            


Di Ingram

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