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Fort Ellice Hike Sept 14, 2013

Activity: Fort Ellice Hike Sept 14, 2013

Participants: Maureen and Brent Munroe,Judy BarteL, Di Ingram and Scotty, Carol Hogg, Lynne and Brian Manns


The historic Fort Ellice site has been recently purchased from the Fouillard family by Nature Conservancy Canada with the aim of preserving native prairie grassland.

We arrived at the site approximately 11:00 am and were met by Marcel Fouillard. Marcel gave us a short history lesson on Fort Ellice as well as directions on hiking the area.

It was a beautiful sunny day with some of the leaves on the aspen starting to change color. We hiked along the rims of the Assinboine and  Beaver Creek Valleys which offered spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

One can almost imagine what life would have been like 150 years ago.

Following the hike we invaded St Lazare and found a nice cafe with sidewalk tables. It was relaxing to bask in the sunshine watch the pace of the local life.I am sure we provided entertainment for the locals as well.

Thanks to Marcel Fouillard for his interest and insight into local history.


For permission to hike Fort Ellice Trail contact Nature Conservancy Canada and/ or Marcel Fouillard.

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