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December 5th Seton Trail Hike


9 wilderness club members including Bert, Judy, Di, Fred, Jacquie, Roger, Shannon, Shirley, Arthur and the three canines met under sunny skies for what promised to be the most glorious hiking day you could imagine in December.


We arrived at the Seton trails at 10:30 and the temperature gradually climbed as we hiked the Sleeping Wolf trail. By the time we arrived back at the hut around noon, it was nearing 12 degrees and we were ready to shed a layer or two as we waited for lunch to be cooked. A good supply of fire starter, kindling and dry logs from home meant that a roaring fire warmed up the beef and veggie burgers in no time, and we were soon chowing down at the picnic table out in the sunshine.

Dover thought we took far too much time over lunch, and was soon running to the trail head and yelping as if to say "what are you guys waiting for?" Scotty on the other hand, was much more interested in mooching for scraps of gingerbread. However, we eventually listened to Dover, and wrapped up the day with another short hike on the Chaska trail before heading home.

Located in Spruce Woods, the Seton trail system on the West side of Highway 5 is an often overlooked walking and skiing experience that is well worth a look. There are a 4 loops varying from 3.5 to just under 6 k, and two warming huts. Beginning skiers might find a few of the hills a bit steep, but the slopes most often have a straight run that takes you up another hill (none of those pesky curves with trees hugging the corners!).


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