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Oct 19 & 20, 2013 Overnight back trip to cairns cabin in Riding Mountain National Park


Seven people and two dogs enjoyed the fall weather for a walk in the park.  We walked in on Saturday, with nice cool fall temperature and some sunshine.  A little damper under foot than some years, but not bad.  Creek crossings only created short delays with some flying overboots observed in the area.


After a time at the cabin another party, from winnipeg, of five and two dogs showed up who were also booked in at the cabin??????  Will have to check with the park as to how this happened.


The cabin was full with 12 people and four canines.  One of our numbers slept outside under the eves, reporting a good night.


Morning saw about five cm of fresh snow, so the walk out was a little more slippery.  It did allow us to observe bear tracks of three different sizes across/along the trail.


Coffee at the Foxtail restaurant was enjoyed by Bert, Judy, Fred, Jackie, Di, Eldon and Edward before departure for home.

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