8th - Join Stu for a “Backroad Ramble“. This will be a bicycle event.   Starting point is Roseisle, MB (see attached map and information sheet.)  Contact Stu Phillips at


16th - Join Robert at Shoal Lake bicycle event 20 km - highway 16th at Robert’s mostly gravel or pavement. Picnic/snacks - bonfire at Robert’s.  Call Robert at 204 759-2412 



13th - Join Ron and Judy  for a canoe/kayak at Souris upstream from Crescent park on the Souris River. Call Ron 204-648-4078.   


19th - Join Rick and Sue for their annual  wine & cheese hike at Spirit Sands Call 204 724-5380 or



4th –     Join Ron for a hike in Lauder Hills this was cancelled by COVID in the spring

MEET at 32 Juniper Bay and convoy from there. Call Ron at 204 648-4078.


5th - 7 pm  planning meeting at Roger and Cheryl’s   call 204 724-7527 or 204 726-5293 if attending or if you have an event to include.


Events proposed but not scheduled at this time.

If you see any that interests you feel free to  contact and discuss.


George M 204–441–0840       trip to Churchill 

end of October or November

this is a costly event – start saving now if you’d like to go

Contact George for information


Clarke Wilkie - 3 day mountain bike hike Riding mountain

late September or early October contact at 


Di        multi 3-4 day/night back pack in Manitoba

Riding Mountain or Mantario trail or Pisew Falls! Contact at  


Stu       hike Hunt Lake Trail  of Westhawk Lake in Whitehall 14km contact Stu Phillips at


Stu       First Aid & Stars  by Stu & Di 6-8 people maximum contact Stu Phillips at


Other events may be added; if so, you will receive an e-mail and they will be added to


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